My elder son has taken classes at The Open Classroom since its inception, a year later, his younger brother joined as well. Both of them enjoy the learning a great deal and they genuinely look forward to their weekly classes there.

Classes are fun and conducted in small groups so teachers are able to identify the individual student’s strength and weakness after only a few classes. The detailed evaluation by the teachers after each module is very thoughtful and helpful to me. This personalized experience and tailored-training helped my kids grow their strength and overcome their weakness quite effectively.

The topical modules are designed to broaden the perspective of the kids, expose them to choices they wouldn’t know otherwise in school and prepare them to be well-informed and more open-minded. My sons learned a lot from modules such as “Meet the Architect” and “Meet the Restaurant Owner”. Growing up in a highly homogeneous society like HK, our kids are fortunate to have “The Open Classroom” classes as an essential learning tool which is supplement to school classes. 

Helen Zhou

Parent of Year 4 and K3, CIS
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