The process of applying to US boarding schools is complicated and stressful, thankfully TOC was able to make it as smooth and effective as possible. My daughter firstly approached Agnes with an average school grade and ordinary portfolio.

TOC does not just offer standard counselling service, but they also adjust the plan to fit each and every individual’s character. They helped Kathy to identify her strength and interest in community service, encouraged her to develop them into solid and sound extracurricular activities...which made her to be the applicant that stands out. Agnes also helped her to set her SSAT target scores, taught her exam skill and techniques, and motivated her to focus on doing her best.…In the end, Kathy got accepted into her top choice which is Blair Academy. It was an excellent experience to work with you. Thank you so much!

US Boarding School

Mother of

Grade 8 student, SIS

After a series of private speech classes with us, Stephanie Hsi participated in the 66th Hong Kong Schools Speech Festival and was placed in the Top 5 participants in the Solo Verse Speaking Competition. We at The Open Classroom would like to congratulate Stephanie on her latest achievement!

Interview, Writing, Resume, Speech Private

Stephanie Hsi

P2, SPCC Primary School

We are excited to find out that Danica got accepted by St. Stephen's Girl's College after two rounds of interviews! Danica is a regular term student at TOC and took private interview classes with Miss Yvonne prior to the interview. We wish her all the best! 

Kindergarten Topical

Danica Lau

K3, Kiangsu & Chekiang

My daughter took private lessons with The Open Classroom for four months before she attended the admission tests in three top international schools in Hong Kong last year. She passed the tests and got admitted to the school of our top choice. My daughter has been a student of The Open Classroom since its inception. The teachers understand very well about her strength and area of development. They designed a very effective program to customize her needs. The results have been very satisfactory. We are very grateful.

Private Tutoring


Parent of Y11 , CIS

Hebe Tang (Yew Chung and alumni of our 2014 YLOT program) took private interview classes with Ms. Agnes and was successfully accepted into Li Po Chun United World College after three competitive rounds of interview. Congratulations to Hebe!

Interview, Writing, Resume, Speech Private

Hebe Tang

, Yew Chung International School HK

Agnes is a really great teacher. She not only helped me with my SSAT but she also helped with school. She is not only a teacher but a friend too. Whenever I am learning with Agnes she always finds a way to make each lesson fun and I never have to be hesitant to ask questions if there is something I don't understand. My SSAT class with Agnes really helped and I owe my great SSAT score to her.

Intensive SSAT



Congratulations to students from our 2011 "Young Leaders of Tomorrow" Summer Leadership Program being successfully admitted to top colleges locally and overseas:

Brown University - Andrew Li
Cambridge University - Carine Ha
Chicago University - Shirley Yuen, Sheenie Chan
Chinese University HK -
Phoebe Chan (Pharmacy), Alissa Ng (Psychology), Karen Chan
Columbia University - Kiran Aida
Cornell University - Jeffrey Fung
Hong Kong University - Lily Ma (Medicine), May Lee
Imperial College London - Hayley Kwan
Lancaster University - Nathan Ma (Law)
Oxford University - Hubert Au
Princeton University - Harold Li
Rice University - Justin Yau
University College London (UCL) - Kimberly Yeoh, Natalie Chyi
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Annie Chan
University of Southern California (USC) - Jun Yen Leung

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”



YLOT is definitely an eye-opening experinece in the sense that it has provided a perfect platform for us to let our ideas flow and meet people from different backgrounds. For those who want to know more about themselves and to be better as a person, this is definitely the first step to success.

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”

Anneena Wong

Form 5, Heep Yunn School

In attending the YLOT program, I was afforded a truly exceptional set of opportunities, both inside and outside of the classroom. Given that I am not from Hong Kong, simply spending a few weeks exploring the city constituted a unique experience that I will keep with me for a very long time. This was complemented by the program's open learning environment allowed me to further explore a wide variety of stimulating material during the class day. The contrast between the traditional classroom learning that took place during simulations of everything from the microfinance industry to daily leadership decisions and the more professional collaboration between our group and an NGO called Dialogue in the Dark was particularly effective in creating an effective learning environment. All in all, while the YLOT program provides students with a true abundance of opportunities to learn and advance themselves, the structure of the program is such that each student will only get out as much as he or she puts in. While the YLOT program is a perfect setting for the self-motivated and intellectually curious student, it certainly caters to students of all skill sets and backgrounds. Simply put, YLOT presents students with numerous opportunities, a proverbial blank easel; from that, it is up to the student to immerse him/herself as to maximize the experience that he/she undergoes.

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”

Billy Holloway

Grade 12, Loomis Chaffee School (US)

Young Leaders of Tomorrow is no doubt one of the most unique summer programs out there, providing participants an opportunity to simulate real-life situations, collaborate with others with ranging perspectives and allowing students a chance to utilize leadership skills and innovative ideas to make a difference in society through NGOs. I, myself, have learnt to be more self aware and I believe this makes me a better person and a better leader.

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”

Andrea Wong

Year 11, West Island School