Past Program

Writing Enrichment 1: Persuasive Writing

It can sometimes be difficult for students to write exactly why they covet something highly desirable and popular, aside from the usual reason of peer pressure. In this persuasive letter to his father, Jonathan gives specific details to back up his reasons for wanting such an item. The consequences of not having it are written with flair and personality.

Writing Enrichment 1: Persuasive Writing
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Jonathan Lau

F2, Wah Yan College KL

Writing Enrichment 1: Character Sketch

 Students were taught:

  • How to design a character sketch using figures of speech and different methods of statements that “show”, not “tell”: what the character’s habits are, their catchphrases,and why this person is important to the students; avoiding lists of adjectives
  • Inserting character descriptions in a fictional or semi-fictional narrated scene that displays his/her personality
  • Ways to introduce a character: state a belief/opinion/feeling, use a dialogue, describe the setting, or use a flashback
  • How different settings may create different moods as a backdrop for the character described
  • Ways to end the narrative: use a dialogue, state a feeling/reflection, describe a setting or use a question

Our Writing Enrichment 1 students all worked hard during the first part of Regular Term 1 2012, but here is one particularly noteworthy character sketch by Jonathan!

Writing Enrichment 1: Character Sketch
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Jonathan Lau

Form 2, Wah Yan College

Writing Enrichment 2: Setting Sketches

Students were taught: 

  • Describing a place using vivid details based on the five senses
  • Connecting the description of a place to memories and personal significance
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Jonathan Cheng

8, CIS
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    Term 3: Mar 21 - Jun 26, 2018

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