OUR Writing Programs

Solid writing skills will stand students in good stead throughout their education and in any chosen avenues of life. We consider writing as the most vital, transferable skill as well as the primary basis upon which one's ability, learning, and intellect will be assessed -- in school, at work, and in the community. The ability to communicate well on paper will shed a favorable light on students and distinguish them from the pack. Writing skills are an important asset that opens doors to advancement in any field students might pursue in the future.

With this in mind, we develop writing programs designed to help students become better explainers, better persuaders, better story tellers and better thinkers. These writing programs are offered at three stages:

  • Writing Foundation fosters young students' literary interests and focuses on securing the building blocks of writing. In a friendly yet challenging learning environment, students read and discuss assigned literature that introduces new vocabulary, illustrates writing fundamentals and opens their eyes to novel ideas and a world of imagination.
  • Writing Enrichment is designed for students who seek to advance the art of writing. This course equips students with the techniques and tools they will need to become stronger writers. Good writing requires practice. This course provides ample opportunities for students to sharpen skills in critical thinking, reflection, narration, organization, composition, word usage and grammar.
  • Writing Advancement moves away from the structure of earlier levels and introduces advanced writing styles and techniques to challenge students' critical thinking and creative capabilities in comprehension and composition. By the end of each term, students will have completed a portfolio consisting of multiple specific, intense writing outputs.
Writing Foundation