CREATIVE WRITING WORKSHOP (G1-5): Refine foundational skills needed for exciting fiction stories and develop key writing techniques to bring ideas to life!

ACADEMIC WRITING WORKSHOP (G6-10): Master the powerful techniques required to craft a formal essay by developing concise reasoning and incorporating solid evidence.

SPEECH & PRESENTATION (K2-G2): Promote logical thinking and public speaking skills in young learners with interactive activities including role-play, drama and storytelling. Inspiration is drawn from storybooks by authors including The Berenstains, Roald Dahl and Oliver Jeffers.

PUBLIC SPEAKING (G3-10): Develop essential skills for speaking in front of an audience! Learn how to effectively present yourself with attention grabbers, body language and other key techniques to captivate listeners.

VOCAB, READING COMP & GRAMMAR BOOSTER (G1-5); VERBAL & CRITICAL READING BOOSTER (G6-8): Join our intensive booster for expanding word banks, reading conscientiously and refining grammar conventions! The G6-8 level incorporates middle level SSAT and ISEE-style exercises: synonyms, analogies, critical reading and timed writing.

New Year Workshops

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  • Jan 26 to 27

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