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WRITING: Greek Myths
From the great adventures of Hercules to the tragic downfall of Oedipus, this course will completely captivate students with epic and dramatic Greek tales.

  • Younger students' imagination soars as they create their own mythical characters;
  • Older students delve into human nature as they compose their own symbolic tales.


VOCAB & COMPREHENSION: Learn 50 new words!
Build an inventory of useful, practical new words and practice accurate usage in varied contexts


GRAMMAR CAMP: Tenses! Tenses! Tenses!
Clarify grammar concepts and achieve consistency in application


HISTORY: One man's hero is another man's tyrant
Find out about the tyrannical rulers in history and their ruthless tactics to accomplish political agendas


KINDERGARTEN: Famous People in History
Teach little ones values and life lessons from stories related to iconic leaders from the past. Language-building tasks i.e. comprehension, discussion, spelling bee, will be included as well.


Take advantage of the holiday break to prep for an entrance exam, a school interview, standardized tests or to brush up your literacy skills!

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CNY 2018

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  • Program Dates:
  • Feb 20-23

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  • 4-Day Workshops
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