WRITING WORKSHOP ON POETRY (G1-10): Learn the art of packing the maximum punch with a minimum number of words. Explore the creative use of language, hone your knowledge on poetic devices and let your imagination soar! 

  • Older students will be energized with total writing freedom free from typical writing restrictions, developing a deeper appreciation for poetic composition as they study works of well-known poets.
  • Younger students learn to express themselves through precise and enriched word choice as they examine a myriad of fun and engaging riddles, limericks and rhymes. 

VOCAB & COMPREHENSION (Grade 1-6): Expand word bank and reading analysis skills! Students will learn to read efficiently and infer information with precision.

PUBLIC SPEAKING (Grades 3-8): Acquire fundamental public speaking skills and become a confident presenter! Younger students will present professionally as CNN news anchors while older students are challenged to a Ted Talk presentation!

GRAMMAR / VOCAB BOOSTER (Grade 1-6): An efficient course to refine grammar skills or quickly boost your knowledge of useful words essential for writing!

KINDERGARTEN TOPICAL - ANIMALS (K2-3): Get ready for an exciting journey into the deep blue ocean and Jurassic Park! Students will explore the mysterious underwater world and also travel back in time to meet the fascinating dinosaurs!

KINDERGARTEN INTERVIEW (K2-3): Familiarize students with tasks and questions that simulate real interviews.

PRIVATE CLASSES (Any age): Take advantage of the holiday break to prep for an entrance exam, a school interview, standardized tests or school work! 

Xmas Workshops

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Dec 18-22 & 27-29

  • Structure:
  • 5-Day & 3-Day Workshops
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