WRITING PROMPTS : Stretch your imagination and smash writer's block
Using a variety of creative prompts (i.e. a situation, a photo, an artwork, a piece of music), students free their minds from generic topics and are challenged to try new perspectives. Teacher's writing responses to prompts will also model for students and generate fun classroom discussions.

VOCAB CRUNCH COURSE : Have fun learning words in context!
Through stories and idioms, young students learn high frequency words immediately applicable in writing. Older students expand their lexicon by reading words in context, coming up with synonyms and antonyms, and distinguishing shades of meaning through analogies. Classes end with fun word games.


GRAMMAR CAMP : Targeting the most common mistakes
- Grade 1&2 : Speech Marks, Homophones & Homonyms, and Proper Capitalization
- Grade 3&4 : Irregular Past Tense and Tricky Subject-Verb Agreement Rules
- Grade 5&6 : Mixed Tenses and Phrasal Verbs

PRIVATE CLASSES : Use your holiday wisely!
Prepare for an exam, practice for an interview, get help on a school essay, or simply enjoy a few classes of stress-free writing!


Easter Workshops

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    Series 1: Mar 27/28/29

    Series 2: April 3/4/6

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  • Two 3-Day Workshops
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