Join our 5-day intensive booster for expanding word banks, reading conscientiously and refining grammar conventions! Be challenged to apply your knowledge against time restraints in mock tests.


  • Lower: 10-15 words per day, practice spelling and sentence building
  • Upper: 20-30 words per day and reinforce through application and analogies

Reading Comprehension

  • Lower: Fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true or false, and full sentences
  • Upper: Read for details and think critically beyond the text in order to predict, infer, relate and draw sensible conclusions


  • Lower: Build foundations in punctuation, tenses, syntax, capitalization and subject-verb agreement
  • Upper: Refine your skills in mixed tenses, run-on sentences, conditionals, phrasal verbs and figurative language

Mock Tests

  • Reinforce concepts and practice performing under time pressure, preparing them for school assessments

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Jun 19-Aug 25

  • Structure:
  • 5-day workshop
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • Daily from Monday to Friday
  • 90 minutes per class
  • Downloads: