Build an inventory of useful, practical new words and practice accurate usage in varied contexts. Depending on the grade level, students learn 10 to 20 new words every class.

Reading comprehension format and questions prepare students for school assessments, covering fill in the blanks, multiple choice, true or false, word matching, short and long answers.

Grade 1: Foundation

  • Preparing students for the primary school curriculum, our classes cover reading passages of different subjects and styles
  • Get used to the comprehension format, build vocabulary, and learn how to read carefully and answer questions with correct grammar and syntax

Grade 2: Consistency

  • Emphasis is placed on reading with consistent effort and answering questions under time pressure
  • Strengthen students’ foundation in comprehension by equipping them with knowledge and tools to help them read thoroughly and conscientiously

Grade 3: Accuracy

  • Continual practice, expanding word bank and exposure to different types of questions will support students in their ability to read actively, connect events in the text, decipher content and answer questions with higher precision

Grade 4: Read with Meaning

  • Achieve fluency in comprehending English text and read with meaning, ultimately becoming independent and thoughtful readers
  • Hone students’ inference skills while working through and deciphering varied and more complex texts and questions

Grade 5: Critical Thinking

  • Upper level reading comprehension requires more than just a superficial understanding of the assigned texts, it necessitates attention to more subtle detail and the use of inference to answer less direct and obvious questions    


At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Week 1: JUN 25-29
    Week 2: JUL 2-6
    Week 3: JUL 9-13
    Week 4: JUL 16-20
    Week 5: JUL 23-27
    Week 6: JUL 30-AUG 3
    Week 7: AUG 6-10
    Week 8: AUG 13-17
    Week 9: AUG 20-24
    Week 10: AUG 27-31

  • Structure:
  • 5 classes per week
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • Daily from Monday to Friday
  • 90 minutes per class
  • Eligibility:
  • G1-5
  • Downloads: