Prior to my time with Agnes & her team, I was completely lost. While I had my topic for my personal statement in mind, my essay lacked depth and was simply all over the place. Agnes helped me with my essay on content revisions and then paired me with a mentor who attends Columbia University, the school I plan to apply Early Decision for…They were there every step of the way and helped me reconfigure my thoughts in a way that would convey them more concisely. By the end of our fourth session my personal statement was complete. My personal statement was truly the one piece of my application that tied my entire story and profile together. Without this strong part of my application I believe that I would not have been admitted to the school of my dreams.

U.S. College App - Personal Statement

Grade 12, (attending Columbia)

Learning how to debate is important. If we didn't have debates during our classes, I wouldn't have known how to persuade people to agree with my point when discussing different issues.


Nicholas Chang


The biggest takeaways from this class are learning new things, having new perspectives about different situations, and discussing ideas on how to solve these issues. I thought the most fun thing about the class was the ancient Greek democracy simulation in the first class.


Ryan Cheng

Year 7, Shatin College

The class that I enjoyed most was the one where we learnt about deviance and crime, because it was a really hard topic but I really enjoyed it. I also learnt that racism in a very hard issue to solve.


Cyrus Chan

Year 6, CIS

After joining this class, I learnt the reasons why crime exists in the world and how crime also changes the world. Moreover, the class has increased my interest in social issues that have been discussed in class. Discussing these issues with other is important.


Daniel Kwok

Form 3, St. Paul\'s College

Whitney Deng takes private lessons with Miss Yvonne Chu. Recently, she was one of the students to be nominated by her school to participate in the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards. We are very proud of her hard work, and we wish her the best of luck in the upcoming competition!

Interview, Writing, Resume, Speech Private

Whitney Deng

Form 1, Maryknoll Convent School

My daughter has always been a bookworm. However, her writing skills were not improving from reading books because her reading habit was to simply scan through a book to find out the ending of the story. After joining The Open Classroom programs, she was taught to take time to analyze the characters and content of different stories. Then I noticed that she started to read books in a different manner. Her reading habits have changed and her writing skills are improving. She has less grammatical mistakes in her written work. I am impressed that her writing speed has improved significantly under the teacher's guidance. I hope she can gain more from this program in the future.

Writing Enrichment

Mei Yee

Parent of P5, St Paul’s Convent

This year, I was applying for the University of Hong Kong's fast track program. Having had no experience with college admissions, I decided to take classes at The Open Classroom. My teacher first helped me with the personal statement, she guided me through what I was expected to write and even gave me a few suggestions. I found her help very useful since the application was rather vague on what they looked for in the essay. I was delighted to be offered an interview with the HKU medicine program. And I decided to continue taking interview lessons at The Open Classroom where I had a few mock interviews to prepare me for the upcoming interview. Like the personal statement, I had no idea what was expected of me so I was very glad to have been well prepared before my real interview.

Interview, Writing, Resume, Speech Private


Year 12, GSIS

Heart-warming personalized and non-commercial immersion approach of The Open Classroom helps bring out the goodness and creativity in our child as we watched him grew leaps and bounds to reach greater heights. The private lessons definitely reinforced critical skills in exhibiting his best at the primary school interviews and assisted our son in getting into his dream school.

Kindergarten Topical


Parent of K3, Braemar Hill

 “When I first started tutoring with Agnes my SSAT scores were very low. I started doing private lessons with her for two hours twice a week. She gave me a lot of homework and review for me to study. Throughout the year I saw my SSAT score rise slowly. Agnes would push me in class and teach me many different math concepts and vocab words. I would learn new strategies to help me on the SSAT. I can honestly say that I have learned more with Agnes in a couple sessions than I have in school. She is constantly giving me new words to study and new test sections to complete. Agnes believed that I could succeed in my SSAT when I didn't. She was not only a tutor but a friend. Whenever I was at her house, the time went by so fast. Agnes made learning and studying for the SSAT so enjoyable that I would look forward to seeing her and her dogs. When I finally took my SSAT in December I got a 94%. Agnes helped me surpass my goal for my SSAT.”

US Boarding School

Student, Grade 8 HKIS now attending Cate