After doing poetry workshops with Mr. William Wong, Christopher Chow participated in the annual Hong Kong Young Writers Awards. For his submission, he wrote a masterful and eloquent poem about the Pearl River Delta. His poem was selected as one of the award-winning works, and will be published in the upcoming HKYWA Anthology. We at The Open Classroom are delighted and would like to congratulate him on his achievement.

Private Tutoring

Christopher Chow


Although my son finds the course challenging, he loves the discussion topics and the fun atmosphere he shares with his classmates and teacher. The curriculum is well planned out with a wide range of interesting topics that are thoughtfully supplemented with constructive brainstorming, structured discussions, educational field trips and fun guest speakers. I'm encouraged with the amount of factual information he retains and the overall understanding he gains on the subjects. Furthermore, a disciplined approach in tackling different topics and putting thoughts on paper, has helped my son feel less intimidated and overwhelmed with writing. I see promising improvement in the way he approaches a topic, structures his ideas logically and communicates them through his writing. I genuinely appreciate the thoughtful progress updates on Lucas' development, which allow me to stay informed and work with him on his development needs in parallel with the class."

Writing Workshop


Parent of 4, 7 and 9 year old, Kiangsu & Chekiang

My son has been enjoying the kindergarten program at the Open Classroom immensely! It is one of his most favorite classes! He enjoys the small, interesting and topical approach classes, where he becomes active learner, inquirer and thinker. He loves writing and spelling in relevant context, and he loves the teacher, who is intelligent, creative, attentive and patient!

Kindergarten Topical


Parent of K3, Victoria

I really enjoyed learning at the Open Classroom this year for writing and SSAT prep. I learnt so much in the past few months here. One of the most useful studying tools that have been used to help me learn are the mock SSAT section tests I was given to take, which are just like the sections on the actual SSAT test. I enjoyed seeing my mock test math scores went from sub-par to slowly improving and hopefully will keep going up.  I've also really enjoyed being taught by my teacher here. She's always really kind and helpful and is always coming up with creative ways to explain difficult ideas to me. I will definitely be coming back for more courses next year.

Intensive SSAT



Prior to my time with Agnes & her team, I was completely lost. While I had my topic for my personal statement in mind, my essay lacked depth and was simply all over the place. Agnes helped me with my essay on content revisions and then paired me with a mentor who attends Columbia University, the school I plan to apply Early Decision for…They were there every step of the way and helped me reconfigure my thoughts in a way that would convey them more concisely. By the end of our fourth session my personal statement was complete. My personal statement was truly the one piece of my application that tied my entire story and profile together. Without this strong part of my application I believe that I would not have been admitted to the school of my dreams.

U.S. College App - Personal Statement

Grade 12, (attending Columbia)

Learning how to debate is important. If we didn't have debates during our classes, I wouldn't have known how to persuade people to agree with my point when discussing different issues.


Nicholas Chang


The biggest takeaways from this class are learning new things, having new perspectives about different situations, and discussing ideas on how to solve these issues. I thought the most fun thing about the class was the ancient Greek democracy simulation in the first class.


Ryan Cheng

Year 7, Shatin College

The class that I enjoyed most was the one where we learnt about deviance and crime, because it was a really hard topic but I really enjoyed it. I also learnt that racism in a very hard issue to solve.


Cyrus Chan

Year 6, CIS

After joining this class, I learnt the reasons why crime exists in the world and how crime also changes the world. Moreover, the class has increased my interest in social issues that have been discussed in class. Discussing these issues with other is important.


Daniel Kwok

Form 3, St. Paul\'s College

Whitney Deng takes private lessons with Miss Yvonne Chu. Recently, she was one of the students to be nominated by her school to participate in the Hong Kong Young Writers Awards. We are very proud of her hard work, and we wish her the best of luck in the upcoming competition!

Interview, Writing, Resume, Speech Private

Whitney Deng

Form 1, Maryknoll Convent School