My elder son has taken classes at The Open Classroom since its inception, a year later, his younger brother joined as well. Both of them enjoy the learning a great deal and they genuinely look forward to their weekly classes there.

Classes are fun and conducted in small groups so teachers are able to identify the individual student’s strength and weakness after only a few classes. The detailed evaluation by the teachers after each module is very thoughtful and helpful to me. This personalized experience and tailored-training helped my kids grow their strength and overcome their weakness quite effectively.

The topical modules are designed to broaden the perspective of the kids, expose them to choices they wouldn’t know otherwise in school and prepare them to be well-informed and more open-minded. My sons learned a lot from modules such as “Meet the Architect” and “Meet the Restaurant Owner”. Growing up in a highly homogeneous society like HK, our kids are fortunate to have “The Open Classroom” classes as an essential learning tool which is supplement to school classes. 

Writing Foundation

Helen Zhou

Parent of Year 4 and K3, CIS

Before the "Young Leaders of Tomorrow" Program, I didn’t have a clear definition of what leadership was. The word often gets thrown around a lot, especially nowadays, when “leadership” positions are considered ribbons to place on one’s college applications. But after the program, I realized that leadership is about more than holding a title. I learned that leadership is not about trying to get ahead of people, but walking at their pace, and listening to them. I learned the value of holding back your thoughts, but also sticking up for your opinion. Not only did I learn about leadership as a general idea, but I learned more about myself. Through our NGO project, and the Enneagram session with one of our speakers, I learned a lot about how to work with different types of people, and how I could change to be easier to work with, myself. After this program, I am definitely more confident in my ability to take part in discussions, do interviews, and meet challenges I previously didn’t know how to deal with. The program provided me with an excellent foundation in certain essential skills, and I am positive that I will be using those skills not only throughout high school, but even afterwards, in college and in the workplace.

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”


Grade 10, The Hockaday School (US)

This year I applied to boarding school and successfully got into Choate Rosemary Hall! This would never have happened had I not taken the SSAT and private classes offered at the Open Classroom. Prior to taking the class, my vocabulary was sub-par and my initial SSAT score was unsatisfactory. The class educated me on testing strategies, writing techniques and vocabulary. These all came in useful in my final SSAT test. I am grateful to the instructors.

Intensive SSAT


Year 9, GSIS

The Open Classroom provides a very comfortable learning environment and creates a lot of fun with the small class setting and topical approach. She is not only improving her English but also broadening her knowledge in her living environment and developing her skills in thinking from different angles. Unlike other learning centers which focus on academic results, The Open Classroom's topic-based curriculum develops social responsibility and awareness in kids at an early age as well as good living and learning attitude. Kudos should be given to the teachers who pay personal attention to my daughter and customize classes to help her with her P1 interview. This has led to stellar results in her P1 interviews.

U.S. Boarding School


Parent of K3, Sheng Kung Hui Kindergarten

The Open Classroom has been a terrific experience over the last two years. Our daughter has been participating in various modules since The Open Classroom started and we couldn't be happier. The Open Classroom helps young people build confidence while learning about interesting and socially meaningful topics such as fair trade and helping people with disabilities. Most recently our daughter has taken part in an Intensive Writing module as well as an SSAT Preparation course. The time and attention that the instructors have provided has given our daughter significantly more confidence and meaningful advantage. In the end our daughter was accepted at both of her target boarding schools. More importantly, however, we feel the students are really inspired by the instructors and look forward to attending. We fully recommend The Open Classroom as a wonderful supplement to any child's education.

Private Tutoring


Parent of G7 , HKIS

Prior to joining The Open Classroom's classes our son being somewhat shy, was reluctant to express himself. Since attending the different modules offered, he is much more comfortable in expressing himself with confidence. This is evident in the success rate with the local schools applied. Most importantly, he looks forward to his classes at The Open Classroom and has very good rapport with the teachers.

Kindergarten Topical


Parent of K3, Lingnan

After doing poetry workshops with Mr. William Wong, Christopher Chow participated in the annual Hong Kong Young Writers Awards. For his submission, he wrote a masterful and eloquent poem about the Pearl River Delta. His poem was selected as one of the award-winning works, and will be published in the upcoming HKYWA Anthology. We at The Open Classroom are delighted and would like to congratulate him on his achievement.

Private Tutoring

Christopher Chow


Before the leadership program, I had absolutely no clue of what a true leader is. I thought a leader is someone who has power and authority over people. However, over the past two weeks, I came to realize that being a leader does not necessarily mean that you have a title, but rather, having positive influence over people, giving your group motivation and stepping back at certain times to listen to others. What I got out of the program most is that being yourself, being genuine to people as well as learning from your mistakes, are the stepping stones to become a good leader.

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”


Y11, Cheltenham Ladies\' College (UK)

My favorite part of the program is the NGO project. I was able to engage with social issues, and developed compassion, empathy to care for others. The experience also allowed me to gain business experience such as gathering and utilizing information, developing and finalizing concepts into a proposal, and preparing a formal presentation to the NGO leaders at the end. From this, I learnt the importance of teamwork and communication, which I believe is essential in the real world.

The inspirational speakers enlightened me in many ways, the speeches challenged me to look at leadership from different perspectives and provoked me to question myself, who am I as a leader? The speeches on leadership motivate me to become a person of influence and to develop a positive mindset to impact the lives of others, which will help me in future to contribute to society in a meaningful way.

Furthermore, the inner leader portfolio provided me with the opportunity to learn more about myself: my aspirations and beliefs, my strengths and weaknesses. For me, it marked a beginning of a journey of self-discovery, which is an important process to become successful in life.

The program experience is rewarding, fruitful and enjoyable, I would highly recommend this for others. The program is uniquely designed for high school students who want to develop practical skills useful in college, work and life in general and to become the “Young Leaders of Tomorrow”!

“Young Leaders of Tomorrow”


Grade 11, West Island School

Although my son finds the course challenging, he loves the discussion topics and the fun atmosphere he shares with his classmates and teacher. The curriculum is well planned out with a wide range of interesting topics that are thoughtfully supplemented with constructive brainstorming, structured discussions, educational field trips and fun guest speakers. I'm encouraged with the amount of factual information he retains and the overall understanding he gains on the subjects. Furthermore, a disciplined approach in tackling different topics and putting thoughts on paper, has helped my son feel less intimidated and overwhelmed with writing. I see promising improvement in the way he approaches a topic, structures his ideas logically and communicates them through his writing. I genuinely appreciate the thoughtful progress updates on Lucas' development, which allow me to stay informed and work with him on his development needs in parallel with the class."

Writing Workshop


Parent of 4, 7 and 9 year old, Kiangsu & Chekiang