We are excited to find out that Danica got accepted by St. Stephen's Girl's College after two rounds of interviews! Danica is a regular term student at TOC and took private interview classes with Miss Yvonne prior to the interview. We wish her all the best! 

Danica Lau

K3, Kiangsu & Chekiang

Prior to joining The Open Classroom's classes our son being somewhat shy, was reluctant to express himself. Since attending the different modules offered, he is much more comfortable in expressing himself with confidence. This is evident in the success rate with the local schools applied. Most importantly, he looks forward to his classes at The Open Classroom and has very good rapport with the teachers.


Parent of K3, Lingnan

My son has been enjoying the kindergarten program at the Open Classroom immensely! It is one of his most favorite classes! He enjoys the small, interesting and topical approach classes, where he becomes active learner, inquirer and thinker. He loves writing and spelling in relevant context, and he loves the teacher, who is intelligent, creative, attentive and patient!


Parent of K3, Victoria
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Kindergarten Topical

At a glance

  • Structure:
  • 12 classes per term
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • 1 class per week
  • K1: 60 minutes per class
    K2 & K3: 90 minutes per class
  • Downloads: