Learning Goals

  • Through a thematic approach, children devleop awareness of the world around them and reinforce their ability to retain and utilize new information 
  • Promote literacy development through a range of age-appropriate activities including phonics, story reading, journal entry and spelling bees
  • Build up self-confidence and presentation skills through practical learning activities designed to align with primary school interviews

Some examples of level-specific activities:


  • Reading aloud and story telling, building an alphabet booklet, phonics foundations, exploring new words and theme-based creative activities
  • Phonics: Introduce Jolly Phonics base code to students and learn the sounds of single letter and diagraphs through stories, games and songs


  • Guided group and individual story reading, phonics development, weekly guided journal entries, and a blend of imaginative and practical activities
  • Phonics: Practice blending and segmenting words, begin to write and spell vocabulary, and learn how to form and develop sentences


  • Group and individual story reading, spelling bees, open-ended journal entries, comprehension activities, practical learning opportunities and composition skills taht will prpare them to ascend into our Writing Foundaiton program upon entering primary school 
  • Phonics: Begin writing in simple full sentences, review phonetic sounds, and practice tricky words.


Kindergarten Topical

At a glance

  • Structure:
  • 12 classes per term
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • 1 class per week
  • K1: 60 minutes per class
    K2 & K3: 90 minutes per class
  • Downloads: