SPEECH & PRESENTATION (PN-G2): Promote logical thinking and public speaking skills in young learners with interactive ways including role-play, drama and storytelling. Inspiration is drawn from storybooks by authors including Julia Donaldson, Roald Dahl and Eric Carle.

PUBLIC SPEAKING (G3-10): Master ways to craft, structure and present different types of speeches ranging from personal interviews, impromptu speeches to academic presentation. Refine content, demonstrate engaging body language and practice effective intonation.

INTENSIVE VERBAL, CRITICAL READING & WRITING BOOSTER (G1-10): Build up verbal and critical reading skills! G1-3 students will focus on building vocabulary, reading comprehension and grammar application with writing tasks for each class. For G4+ students, classes will follow the SSAT/ISEE (lower, middle and upper level) formats with analogies, synonyms, timed reading on main ideas, details and inference questions, as well as timed writing prompts.

HISTORY & CULTURAL STUDIES (G5-10): Each day, explore the historical aspect of a great religion of the world and its cultural impacts. Learn about the history of Judaism, the teachings of Christianity, the origins of Islam, the beginning of Buddhism, Confucius and Taoist thought, and the Hindu tradition.

4-DAY WRITING WORKSHOP (G1-10): Younger students enhance their creative writing skills through new vocabulary, descriptive writing techniques and imaginative prompts. Older students will refine their academic writing abilities through in-depth analysis, clear structuring and thought-provoking topics.


Xmas Workshops

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  • Program Dates:
  • Dec 23 to Jan 3

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  • Single-Day & 4-Day Workshops
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