Presentation skills – taught at an early age – can build confidence in young learners. Featuring books of well-known authors like Roald Dahl and Oliver Jeffers, classes under this course involve reading imaginative stories and completing interactive exercises inspired by them.


In this course, K2-K3 students engage in interactive oral games, developing their vocabulary and logic skills. Activities include self-presentation, show-and-tell, role-play and picture descriptions.


In this course, G1-G2 students will develop public speaking skills and techniques to deliver organized presentations. Focus areas include how to capture the audience’s attention in a speech opening, addressing the audience to keep them interested, and body language 101.

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Jun 19-Aug 25

  • Structure:
  • 5-day workshop
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • Daily from Monday to Friday
  • 90 minutes per class
  • Downloads: