Our Process & Track Record

For the past two seasons, we have successfully placed students into Harvard, Upenn, Brown, Columbia, Chicago, NYU, UC Berkeley, Tufts, UNC etc. 


“Prior to my time with Agnes & her team, I was completely lost. While I had my topic for my personal statement in mind, my essay lacked depth and was simply all over the place. Agnes helped me with my essay on content revisions and then paired me with a mentor, Sheena, who attends Columbia University, the school I plan to apply Early Decision for. My first lesson with Sheena was amazing. She had come prepared to class having already read my essay and with detailed comments. We sifted through all the material in the essay and beat it down to the core of what I was trying to convey. With my idea concretely defined, we began writing. Sheena was there every step of the way. When helping me, Sheena helped me reconfigure my thoughts in a way that would convey them more concisely and clearly. By the end of our fourth session my personal statement was complete and ready to be sent off. My personal statement was truly the one piece of my application that tied my entire story and profile together. Without this strong part of my application I believe that I would not have been admitted to Columbia, the school of my dreams.”

Student, Grade 12, Taft 

 "My twins excel at math and science so naturally other consultants that we saw encouraged them both to take the ACT. When we interviewed with Agnes, however, she looked at subtle differences in each of the twin’s test taking abilities and recommended that one of our daughters would do better with the SAT. She was absolutely correct. My daughter scored in the 1500s on the SAT which gave her the confidence to apply to the top universities. The other twin took the ACT and did equally as well. In addition, she helped each twin prepare for the different exams. Achieving the high marks on these exams was a major hurdle in the application process and we are so grateful to Agnes for helping the twins achieve their best.
Since my twins received top grades, excellent test scores and had strong extracurriculars, my husband and I assumed then that applying to university in the USA would be rather straight forward, especially now with the common app. However, once we started looking at the individual applications for each university, we realised that each school looks for something a little different in their prospective students. We were overwhelmed. We know that most universities are looking for demonstrated interest in their particular school but we had no idea how to show that in an application. One of the services that Agnes offers, that I feel makes her unique, is that she will assign your child a mentor (usually someone who went to the top choice university that you are applying to). The mentor is there to answer questions, bounce essay ideas off of, motivate the student, and most importantly, give insight into how the school works. For instance, some universities still require core curriculum, being able to find out first-hand the benefits of studying a core curriculum can help the student translate that into showing demonstrated interest in that particular university. My children have never lived in the USA, the mentor helped fill in the gaps that living in Hong Kong creates so as to give Hong Kong kids a level playing field with kids in the USA who are applying and have this information at their fingertips. I feel that the mentors were able to give my kids what I was not able to and thus provided a very valuable service. I interviewed quite a few consultants in Hong Kong, and Agnes was the only one that I found who offered this one on one mentor service."

Parent of Year 13, FIS  

Track Record