Past Program

Sociology of Deviance & Crime

In this class, students learned about the sociological theories for why crime exists in society. They also learned that crimes are not necessarily deviant, and acts of deviance are not necessarily criminal. Students also participated in a debate, in which they analyzed several case studies and defended the innocence of their respective defendants.

World Issues

Students engaged in deep discussion regarding several world issues, most notably animal poaching, institutionalized racism, and global warming. Each student was given the opportunity to present their ideas on how to solve these issues. They quickly learned that not all issues are easily solved, and this often result in students disagreeing or arguing with each other. The point of the class was to show that no one person can solve all of the world's problem, and that the best solution is for everyone to come together and engage in open discussion. Sometimes, it's not about finding the right answer, but the best answer.

World Issues

European History

Students took part in an activity called the Dot Game. Students were given a piece of paper that either had a dot or not dot on it, and they were asked to interact and question each other to figure out which student had a dot on their paper. This resulted in lots of finger pointing and unrestrained accusations, which was the perfect recreation of the Witch Craze in Europe. Students learned that it didn't take much evidence or even logic to accuse and punish someone for being a witch.

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