Ancient Civilizations (G4-8)

Ancient civilizations form the backbone of our world. In this course, students will learn to appreciate the foundations of humanity and understand civilizations through their cultures, religions, and other archaeological artifacts. Students will analyze primary sources, learn how to form hypotheses and make inferences. By the end of each unit, students will have produced a project on a specific aspect of the civilization studied.

Famous Figures of the 20th Century (G3-8)

Throughout the past century, many influential individuals have transformed the world as it was - good or bad. In this course, students will learn about the lives, experiences, and influence of 6 famous 20th-century figures through primary and secondary sources. At the end of each unit, they will produce a biography on a 20th-century figure of their interest.

World War II (G5-10)

World War II is one of the most staggering events in the history of humanity, involving nearly 100 million soldiers from 30 countries. Students will learn about its causes, battles, countries, and individuals to its horrors and eventual conclusion in 1945. They will review primary sources, learn how to connect historical events in a timeline, and gain insight into a critical time in human history. At the end of the course, students will produce a timeline for a specific country, leader, or political/social/economic aspect of World War II.

At a glance

  • Program Dates:
  • Jun 21-Aug 20

  • Structure:
  • 5-day workshop
  • Frequency/Duration:
  • Daily from Monday to Friday
  • 90 minutes per class
  • Downloads: