The Open Classroom is so far the only place I know in Hong Kong that teaches students topics that increases both their social awareness and instills a sense of social responsibility through carefully crafted project learning modules. They are able to combine classroom learning with a real hands-on experience to reinforce what has been taught so their students can apply to the real world what was learned.

Michele Lai

Founder, Kids4Kids

I have loved working alongside The Open Classroom in their work. They are not only committed educators, but also committed Global Citizens. They carefully craft every minute to give the students not only an enjoyable experience, but one that deeply impacts their minds and hearts also. If you want your children to gain more than information, but real learning, I would heartily recommend you try The Open Classroom.

Josh Begbie

Project Manager, Crossroads Foundation

Critical thinking is a skill set that is very relevant and essential for young minds. At TOC, I had opportunity to discuss the importance of having effective communications and analytical thinking skills. The importance of obtaining knowledge outside the realm of academic studies was emphasized during our session. Learning to think out of the box is something that is particularly important for Hong Kong students and I believe young minds can benefit greatly from the module.

Carmen Li

Director of 21 Concepts and Publisher of Crave Magazine,
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