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2015 HK YLOT

 YLOT 2015 program was filled with fun and learning. Our students this year came from HKIS, CIS, Renaissance, Discovery College, Good Hope, Loomis Chaffee (US), The Taft School (US), and Lexington High (US).

"During these two weeks, I have not only made many new friends but I have really learned more about myself and how I can improve myself in a positive way. From solving puzzles, to fun game breaks every single experience I have participated in at YLOT has been positive. My most memorable experience at YLOT was most definitely proposing new ideas to NGO because I really learnt how to be professional and what it is like to work in the professional world. The various collegiate facilitators I got to meet were all so helpful in answering all my questions about college and their experiences at their different colleges. The answers to these questions helped me greatly in understanding what it is like outside of the high school. I would highly recommend YLOT because I know I did not regret one minute of it."
~ Christopher McDermott, The Taft School (Grade 10)

My experience in YLOT has been truly inspiring. Walking in on the first day, I didn’t expect the program to be that interactive for us as students but as the days past, we did a numerous amount of activities that involved teamwork and simulations that required real life issues. For example, mock interviews, microfinance and leadership simulations and debate activities. Because of these activities it has enhanced everyone’s teamwork abilities and appreciation for the opportunities that were given to us to benefit us for our future career. Our main project for this year was to give ideas for improvement on a social enterprise in Hong Kong that promotes empathy for and social inclusion of the visually impaired called ‘Dialogue In The Dark.’ Because of this experience, I learnt what it means to work in the business world, which is extremely helpful to me in the future.
~ Abe Luk, Chinese International School (Year 9)

2015 HK YLOT

Colleges currently attended by our first batch of YLOT alumni

We are excited to share that all our first cohort of YLOT ( graduates are now pursuing their degrees in university locally or abroad. Outside school, most of them are continuing to pursue their interests and passions which were deepened during their time with us at YLOT. We wish them every success in their college years.

Brown University - Andrew Li
Cambridge University - Carine Ha
Chicago University - Shirley Yuen, Sheenie Chan
Chinese University HK -
Phoebe Chan (Pharmacy), Alissa Ng (Psychology), Karen Chan
Columbia University - Kiran Aida
Cornell University - Jeffrey Fung
Hong Kong University - Lily Ma (Medicine), May Lee
Imperial College London - Hayley Kwan
Lancaster University - Nathan Ma (Law)
Oxford University - Hubert Au
Princeton University - Harold Li
Rice University - Justin Yau
University College London (UCL) - Kimberly Yeoh, Natalie Chyi
University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) - Annie Chan
University of Southern California (USC) - Jun Yen Leung


2014 HK YLOT

13 bright and talented students have successfully completed the YLOT 2014 program, with students coming from Heep Yunn School, St Joseph’s College, West Island School, Yew Chung International School, CIS, Choate Rosemary Hall (US), The Bronx High School of Science (US) and Loomis Chaffee School (US).

Students immersed themselves in a range of activities, ranging from microfinance simulations amd leadership case studies to mock interviews and 1-to-1 coaching with their facilitators.

Highlights from the program can be viewed here.

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